Every home needs to be heated in the winter months and when the heating system works like it’s expected to, many people take it for granted. Unfortunately, by the time the furnace just doesn’t turn on when it’s cold outside, simple repairs may no longer be an option. There are a few things a homeowner can do to ensure their furnace doesn’t fail on the coldest day of the year.

Preventive Maintenance

A checkup every year can keep a furnace running smoothly for a very long time. There are several benefits to keeping scheduled maintenance appointments that make them worth the small investment. When the technician checks the furnace in the fall, they clean it, lubricate moving parts and ensure it doesn’t need any minor repairs. If they find something wrong, they let the homeowner know so they can get it fixed before they need to turn on the unit.

Homeowners who have maintenance agreements with their HVAC company may even get discounts on repairs. The technician should be able to provide an estimate for any work that needs to be done prior to the start of the season. Taking care of this early will ensure the furnace works properly throughout the winter and doesn’t suffer unnecessary wear and tear due to buildup from the prior year.

Listen for Signs of Trouble

When there’s something wrong with a furnace, it usually lets the family know. When a furnace makes noise, something is wrong. Banging, hissing or any other unusual noise coming from a furnace is a sign of a problem and it needs to be evaluated right away. Homeowners should call their heating contractor even if the noise stops after a short time. They’re better safe than sorry when it comes to this type of equipment.

A furnace that works properly will keep a family comfortable throughout the winter months. By taking the simple steps of scheduling annual maintenance and paying attention for strange sounds, homeowners won’t have to replace their furnace prematurely. When the system gets too old to work efficiently, the HVAC contractor that’s been performing preventive maintenance on the equipment will be able to advise the homeowner on the best new furnace for their home.