What is a Franking Machine?

As a matter of fact, franking machine were introduced first in 1884 as a solution to post office problems with regards to having a dependable and at the same time, secure payment system. The basic premise of franking machine is that, they offer a method of prepaying postage costs for mail by staying in touch electronically with the Royal Mail.

Franking machines are connected to a business account and for its owners, they should pay for postage cost in advance so by that, when the letter has to be posted, it will need the user to just set the franking machine along with its inserts and date. This is basically franked by the company’s franking device. But in today’s time, things have changed and inkjet technology is what used.

Franking machines have different capabilities and sizes as well for it to meet the specific needs and requirements of the business that will be using it. This basically range from the basic models that is good for handling small letter volume to the more complex models that are perfect for companies that send hundreds of letters per day. The Royal Mail does offer valuable support to owners of these franking machines such as giving advice on how to properly use the machines and even give generous discounts on postage cost.

Today, franking moved on and it has branched out, not only that people are able to benefit from franking machines at home but also, innovations such as label printing technology made it feasible for people to frank mails without having to use franking machine. In the next lines, I will give you a brief overview of how these franking machines work.

Number 1. Weight – you have to put the mail item on your franking machine. The device will provide you the exact weight so it eliminates the risks of overpaying on the postage.

Number 2. Service and size – you choose the size and service you desire of the mail.

Number 3. Business message – this is actually where you need to add the message that you like to say by using the machine’s screen and buttons.

Number 4. Postage costs – franking machine calculates the postage automatically which includes as well the discounted costs for other franking machine users.

Number 5. Print – insert a label or an envelope to printer slot of the franking machine. Mail is franked using the right logo, message of the company and also unique code.

After all these steps, you are done and you can now post at your business posting box or local post office.

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